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A Joint Powers Authority

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About Us

Mission, History, and Purpose

The San Fernando Valley Council of Governments works to increase the coordination within its jurisdictions to improve regional mobility, economy, and safety.


The San Fernando Valley Council of Governments came into being with the adoption of the Joint Powers Agreement
by the City and County of Los Angeles along with the cities of Burbank, Glendale, San Fernando and Santa Clarita. The Joint Powers Agreement establishes a Joint Powers Authority pursuant to Section 6500 et seq. of the California Government Code.

Historically, these cities have worked through various other informal strategic partners, involving elected officials, city managers and other staff. The members share common interests with cities in north Los Angeles County, including the City of Santa Clarita, and collectively have played a valuable role in serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information.

The main purpose of the Council of Governments is to develop and implement subregional policies and plans
that are unique to the greater San Fernando Valley region, and to voluntarily and cooperatively resolve differences among themselves. The members have determined that the public interest requires the establishment of an agency to jointly conduct studies and projects designed to coordinate and improve the common governmental responsibilities and services on a Valleywide and subregional basis. The COG is exploring areas of inter-governmental cooperation and coordination of government programs, and providing recommendations and solutions to problems of common and general concern to its Members.


SFVCOG Strategy 2019-21


Powers of the Council of Governments

  • Serve as an advocate in representing its members at the regional, state and federal levels on issues of importance to the greater San Fernando Valley region;
  • Serve as a forum for the review, consideration, study, development and recommendation of public policies and plans with local and regional significance;
  • Assemble information helpful in the consideration of problems of interest to the members;
  • Utilize member resources or other public or public/private groups to carry out its programs and projects;
  • Explore practical avenues for voluntary intergovernmental cooperation, coordination and action in the interest of the local public welfare and improving the administration of governmental services;
  • Assist in coordinating subregional planning efforts and in resolving conflicts among the members as they work toward achieving planning goals;
  • Build a consensus among the members to address regional and subregional issues, strategies, policies and programs;
  • Facilitate and coordinate activities for obtaining state, federal and regional grants in support of projects; and as a mechanism to assist in financing the expenditures and activities of the COG;
  • Contracting for the services of public/private organizations, managers, researchers, planners, engineers, attorneys and other consultants;
  • Apply for, receive and administer grants, gifts, contributions and donations of property, funds, services and other forms of financial assistance from persons, firms, corporations and any federal, state or local governmental entity;


Representatives To The Board

  • Members of the Los Angeles City Council from each of seven council district representing the San Fernando Valley;
  • County of Los Angeles: one from each valley supervisorial district;
  • Member cities: one from each city council: Burbank, Glendale, San Fernando and Santa Clarita.


Alternate representatives: Members of the legislative body or full-time staff members pursuant to the member’s own procedures.

Regular meetings of the Board are held quarterly.

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April 14, 2025

SFVCOG April 2025 Board of Directors Meeting

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January 13, 2025

SFVCOG January 2025 Board of Directors Meeting

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October 14, 2024

SFVCOG October 2024 Board of Directors Meeting

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